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Parking Enforcement

Designed for both Private Property Owners of Commercial & Residential Locations and entire Municipalities our Parking Enforcement Services offer you 24 hour patrols and On-Call enforcement of parking issues on your property or in your municipality. TOERSA issues Provincial Offence Notices in each municipality and city we serve and officers are deputized and cadred.


Traffic Control

TOERSA provides you traffic control services for Private Property Events, Commercial Plaza Events, Construction Lane/Road Closures and Event Traffic Control. We also provide smaller municipalities with contracted Traffic Control to respond to traffic accidents and emergency closures.


Animal Control Services

Designed for Municipalities our contracted Animal Control Services allow you to provide Animal Control Services to your residents and visitors without the overhead cost of fulltime officers or call center. TOERSA can also work with your existing Animal Control Program to provide additional officers and after-hours services. TOERSA ACO Services are available On-Demand or under Contract for a set amount of hours.


Traffic Signage & Barriers

ARX Fencing & Logistics is a partner company of TOERSA and provides Temporary Fencing, Crowd Control, Vehicle Defense Systems and Road Closeure Signage, and Logistics. Visit ARX at

Some Quick Features Of Our Services

Parking Enforcement

We offer programs that carry No Cost to the Property Owner/Manager.

We offer both Ticket and Tow Services To Clients & Municipalities.

We offer Residential & Commercial Properties Online Parking Registration Systems.

Our Parking Enforcement Officers are available 24/7 and respond typically within 1 Hour.

We offer Proactive Patrol Options to ensure your Lots or Municipalities are in compliance.

Our Officers & Enforcement Program is 100% Digitally Managed.

Our Officers attend court if required and produce evidence of every offence.

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Traffic Control

We offer fully trained officers with Book 7 and TCP Training.

We provide municpalities with emergency traffic control for accidents & maintenance closures/direction.

We provide traffic control for large events including Road Closures and Traffic Ingress/Egress Control.

We provide Private Property Owners, Malls and Event Centers with traffic control for large events.

We have fully marked vehicles with Lighting Systems and Directional Traffic Bars.

We draft and provide Traffic Control Plans & Management Plans for every job.

What Have We Done? Canada 150 Events Downtown - City of Ottawa, 50 Sussex, TD Place, Spencerville Fair, Wesley Clover Parks, City of Kingston, and More!

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Animal Control Services

We offer fully trained officers with ACO Training.

We can customize a solution to meet your municipalities needs.

Our officers have the necessary Tools and Equipment to safely address Animal Control Calls.

We provide fully marked vehicles with lighting systems and uniformed officers.

We can provide a complete solution or compliment your existing Animal Control Program.

We offer 24/7 Coverage, On-Call and Proactive Patrol Options.

We can help manage and deploy registration and compliance programs.

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ARX Partnership

ARX can provide Traffic Barriers & Signage for every requirement.

ARX can provide Vehicle Barrier Systems for any size event.

ARX can provide detailed Traffic Management & Control Plans.

ARX utilizes TOERSA MLEO Officers for manual direction.

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